oh silver metals and blackberry love!


These are just a few of my silver babies that I constantly wear around as well as my long awaited love - the blackberry phone! I think God has finally answered my prayers. I'm in absolute awe with it! Also, I just found out I got featured in Sportsgirl's Style Snaps. One of my closest friends Vi so happened to stumble upon it and sent me the link. I was truly surprised as I was never notified of this feature from Sportsgirl! It's an old outfit post but I'm still happy that I got featured. 

Until next time darlings!
x victoria

take me as i am or watch me as i go


(jag button-up blouse, valleygirl faux fur vest, alice in the eve skirt, agent ninetynine hat, oroton clutch, vintage watch, ebay ring & wedged shoes)

I've been racking my brains for ideas in regards to my textiles and art majors and finally, I think I know just what i'm doing. This year is going to be long and hard and there's no doubt that a cut down on the social life needs to be made but all in all, as the saying goes - hard work does pay off. Recently my timetable has been filled with dedication to school and on the occasional here and there, online shopping (how can you resist?) but even now I think all needs to take a slow down. 

The motive of my family either moving houses, renovating or re building has been an option in the past  few months... although, the decision was never quite set. It was always one or the other and to my surprise I was greeted with news today that we finally and apparently got ourselves a new house possibly, 2 streets down. The contract hasn't been completely confirmed yet but, there's an 85% that it will go through. My dad mainly bought the double storey house for me, as i've always wanted my own space to work in, a studio like place to be exact and this house had just the perfect space! A granny flat! So i guess the wallet needs to stop emptying itself and save up because I definitely can't wait to interiorize!

P.S A big thankyou to all my 111 followers! I adore you all!

sometimes we just don't know who exactly we're meant to be


Just having a little play on photoshop.

there's a light that never goes out

(calvin klein button up blouse, forever21 leather jacket, supre wetlook leggings, vintage watch and other ASOS jewellery)

I hate the cold. I hate having the cold and right now, I have the cold. I'm sitting in bed at the moment with boxes and boxes of tissues one after the other attacking my nose and it's seriously not a pretty sight. Let's just say, I could be better but other than that i've been fine, especially with the truckload of year 12 school work (*cough cough).  The only thing that really worries me at the moment besides my unforgivable time management is whether or not to return to my Whitehouse Institute of Design fashion design course in the next coming long week holiday. The course will take up 3 weeks of my holidays and with all the year 12 major works and other extended assessments to be completed within that time period ... I'm not too sure if continuing the course will be such a wise decision. 

What do you guys think? Should I complete the course or focus on year 12?

x victoria

gone are all the days of begging


These are just some new amazing jewllery pieces that I recently got. The first is from Asos and my oh my am I in love or what!? I simply just can't stop wearing these new babies, especially the claw rings and the double wrap around cuff. As for the last rope charm necklace it was from the boyfriend. He decided to gift me it as a 4 month present and I adore it as I do to him. To any other normal girl this would be enough jewellery for a life time but for me all this is not even 5% enough jewellery for my collection. Actually, I don't think there will ever be a time where I could just stop, sit and go, 'I think I have enough jewellery'. I'm the biggest accessory junkie that all my friends know and even when it comes to either choosing between a beloved clothing piece or a long lusted accessory piece... the jewllery is the one that always seems to win my heart over. 

I just can't have enough of it.

teen vogue


(click image to view full feature)

I woke up in the morning to receive an email from teenvogue.com saying that I had been featured in their best dressed snapshot for today's post. I've never really been featured in anything before and so I was really sooper dooper happy, or you could even say ecstatic about this. I was so happy that my smile was left on my face, not once did it turn upside down for all of today because just knowing that I had accomplished something that I have always strived for, well, it was a good feeling. I just want to thank all my followers again because you all and I mean all (followers and readers) literally just make my day. I love coming home to read all the lovely comments you guys leave for me and to find new followers following, even though I've only just started blogging and there's really not that much to read. I promise to try keep up the constant posts as much as I can with year 12 creeping behind my back for you guys! Anyways, it's late and it's time for bed now as business week ends tomorrow and I need to save my energy for the last of it.

x victoria

lets get down to business


(subtitled jacket, jag button-up blouse, vintage DKNY cutoffs, forever21 bucket bag and cross ring, doc martens air waves, vintage cross necklace and diva assorted rings) 

Today was my mum's birthday and we didn't do anything out of the ordinary. The usual asian food and a family dinner, including the boyfriend that is. As for school, school has kicked off to an exciting start and for some reason its actually fun. I'm currently on business week which allows students to create their own (fake) businesses within a group of students and compete against other groups of students. The workload is crazy! Who knew that owning a business would be so complex and time consuming?! In my group i'm apart of the business' creative department and that means decorating the classroom interior (which is substituted for the actual business). This will be displayed as our business when being judged so everything has to be perfecto. I've drawn up big chandliers and am currently painting them + cutting them out. I'm tired and worn out. I hope to god and pray i'll never become a business' woman. I don't think i'll be able to handle it!

P.S Thankyou to all my new followers! I adore you all dearly and please don't forget to follow via bloglvin!
x victoria

nothing but failure and expecations


I'm extremely and overly upset right now because my hair didn't go as according to plan. BIG failure. It turned out alot more dramatic than I planned it to be and just simply not nice. Note to self: never play with bleach again, it gets ugly. To look more like myself again and less like a half lion I'm thinking about adding brown dye into my hair soon just to soften the colour up. Hopefully my hair won't be too dead by sometime this week so I can fix it up ay es ay pee (i'd really hate to think i'll have to keep this for more than a week). 

Well apart from that disaster i'll be entering year 12 tomorrow. I have to get an 98ATAR to get into the design course i'm aiming for and I'm freaking out - that's not good. I do both art and textiles and the thought of doing 2 B.O.W (body of work) major works - well... it makes me die a little more inside. To make things worse i'm creating expectations to meet for myself. I guess by in doing so, it'd push me to work even harder for my goals but needless say, holidays are now over and I hope everyone has enjoyed their little taste of spring because as of now... I don't think holidays will be holidays anymore - well for me at least (HSC & Whitehouse Institute of Design combined. Yum. I see a social retard forming in a couple of months!).

Time for some real sleep.

cosmic love

(jayjay's galaxy printed tee, bardot bandage skirt, vintage blazer, DIY tote bag, diva gunmetal cross necklace, vintage cross necklace and forever21 wedged boots)

Hey lovelies, just a minor outfit post from today. It was a really quick and rushed outfit seeing as I only had minutes to get ready for my doctor's appointment this morning, and then spending the rest of the day out with the boyfriend and family. I have to say even though my mood is really bleak and low right now and in any moment i'm just going to crack (I don't even know why i'm so pissed off), today was actually a good day. I managed to do a fast shopping spree in 15 minutes and finally bought a few goods i've always wanted.
 There's not much else to blab so i'll leave my goodbye here - oh and excuse the restless face, I don't get much sleep these days..

Sweet dreams.

lets go ombre


source: prairiemyheart & filthylust

I attempted to do this on my own, except on a less extreme level of course - and managed to fail (a dope like me forgot to use some bleach before dye). As much as I would like to go this extreme... I do go to a catholic school and if I were to rock up with my hair as crazy yet as lustful as this, I would probably be sent straight back home to either dye it back to black or to cut off all the beautiful bleached coloured ends. So really, there's no point in trying in the first place.

I'm having another attempt with the hair tomorrow. Something along the lines of this or this.
  I guess i'm just craving for a change with the hair-do and since I'm planning on growing out my hair - cutting it is not an option. Fingers crossed that all goes well :)

answer: lagerfeld

(click image to view DIY)

So I spent most of the day lounging around at home and after a long time cleaning out my room I stumbled upon one too many art canvas' bags. Since I had so many I decided to do this DIY of the 'Karl Who Tote' and if I so happened to stuff it up (which I don't know how I could have... it's the simplest DIY that anyone could do) then there were always spares that I could turn to. 

Anyways it's late. Actually it's 3:30AM. Finally time for some sweet ass sleep.
Goodnight/Morning lovelies!

just the few of many things in life


Just a few goodies that I managed to get my hands on in the past month.

01. My Little Black Book (LBB): This is just a leather covered blank paged diary that is used to scribble down any ideas, inspiration, notes, thoughts and drawings where ever I go. I practically call it my baby since I carry it around with me everywhere I go now. It's almost like a mini VAPD - except much more personal. It's also the best thing to waste time on during long transport rides, well for me it is.

02. Went to watch the theatrical WICKED, and boy was it wicked! The whole production was absolutely jaw dropping amazing! It was my first ever experience going to a production like so and if you haven't ever been to something similar like so before, you really ought to go to one! You'll be blown away by how spectacular it is and I promise the money spent on the seats and tickets are well spent :) Anyways, I couldn't resist not getting these funky glasses from the merchandise store. I fell in love when I first laid eyes on them.

03. Bunch of new magazine issues, including: Shop Til You Drop, Nylon, Yen, Vogue Australia, Dazed&Confused, RUSSH and Oyster. These magazines are the only magazines I ever really buy amost every issue of. They are the most inspiring magazines in my eyes compared to others. I really wish I could susbscribe to them all but that would probably cost me a fortune :(

04. Some new booties from Forever21. I bought a lot more but these two are by far my favourites (including a Rick Owens leather jacket look a like)!

05. New Makeup: NARS blush/bronzer duo in Laguna and Orgasm, M.A.C Studio Fix Fluid Foundation, M.A.C Prep + Primer, M.A.C Lipsticks in Blankety and Viva Glam Gaga + NYX Lippies in Power and Black Cherry.

 That's all for now!



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