lanvin for h&m


source: fashiontoast & jakandjil

Dark and playful palette's with a bold edge, a touch of elegance with a hint of sexiness...this collection for H&M spells Lanvin all over it. Doesn't it just make you want to splurge?

I was watching this video of Lanvin for H&M a week ago at my cousin's place and haven't had a chance to blog about it. And since i'm available to normal interent speed at the moment and don't have any of my photo's with me, I thought why not post about this fabulous collaboration? It's seriously too pretty in my eyes but what do you guys think of it? Is it a yay or nay hmm ?

x, much love

shredded shorts and finally an update


(click image to view DIY)

I'm sure everyone has probably thought I've died or something with the lack of update I seem to be having ... and you're right. I'm dying with such crap, useless, slow speed internet which practically feels like no internet at all, so I don't really get the point of even having it. I basically live my life in books right now and being a top A grade nerd (Oh the wonders of having no cyber online life), as well as living off watching re runs of How I Met Your Mother and CSI crime shows. Sounds fantabulous no? 

Anyhow, I just wanted to give a little wave of "hey I'm still here .. kinda, no, not really" update to you all. I thank that you're all so patient with me and in return, I've finally got the tutorial on the DIY shorts up for all you lovelies. Sorry it took so long and until next time.

xo, love victoria

P.S - The Jeffrey Campbell Mariel Wedge is on its way to being mine. 
Fingers crossed they aren't too big for me.

temporary space


A sick throat, uneasy sleep and well .. a home that doesn't feel like home. That basically sums up right to the point as to how I am and how I feel at the moment. Apart from being overly exhausted from moving boxes and wiping the dust from all over the place, I guess you could say i've been doing nothing but trying to get used to the new move. We finally got internet here... (well at least I think so anyways...does dial up really even count? I cant believe this speed still exists!) and I apologise for not being able to post. You will though, hear from me soon. I managed to rock some vintage DIY ripped shorts and will most likely have a tutorial up and running as soon as possible!

much love,
x victoria

P.S - A big thankyou to lightning factory for featuring me in her top 10 blogs
Check out her blog here. She's a serious cutie!

all I heard was the sound of breathing, your attempt to stall.


(zara dress, agent ninetynine hat,  forever21 leather jacket + wedges, alexander wang replica duffle, vintage necklace, rosary bead necklace and assorted rings)

I have nothing really to say besides the fact that I'm undergoing a couple of changes at the moment - one of which includes me packing to my new temporary home that I'm expected to be in this late afternoon. I'm experiencing new feelings and new heights. New fears and new challenges. Let's just say i'm not swinging so high in the sky anymore but more closer to the ground that ever. I'm not saying that I'm filled full of gloom or anything... just nothing is quite so exciting anymore. I keep my fingers crossed that this will all just pass by quickly. I do miss the feeling of freedom and laughing until my insides fall out.

x victoria

lust love

source: commeunrenard

Not the best items to be lusting over in this spring season I suppose but hey - you can never go wrong with too much black in your wardrobe can you?

she said I'm lost and out of love


(agent ninetynine hat, ebay shoes, selfmade skirt, vintage blazer, printed t-shirt, watch and rosary bead necklace)

It feels as though that every minute of everyday is just not sufficient enough. That we take for granted the time we have to live our lives, to be able to live it to the absolute fullest, to live it the way we want it to. I just guess that realisation suddenly hit me. That all i've ever wanted is right here in front of me and I shouldn't take it for granted. It's time that we should take things as they come, smile and just enjoy it. Just bear with it because no one said it was easy. There's always going to be ups and downs. Just realise and don't take for granted what everyday has to offer you.

Like the saying says, "Live everyday as if it's your last."
 & yes I lack sleep.


MGMT - Indie Rokkers
Favourite song at the moment

i found blood and saw stars, all in the backseat of your car


(SES plain white tee, vintage DKNY cutoffs, valleygirl vest, forever21 wedges + bucket bag, gifted necklace, vintage watch, YSL arty ring & ASOS claw ring)

This was just a quick outfit put together by my boyfriend. I thought it'd be fun for him to be my stylist for the day, and haha, I don't think he did too bad. I guess my materialism must be rubbing off on him. Anyhow, it looks like the confirmation of my new house contract has been approved and i'll probably in my new space in about one month's time! I'm half excited and half not. I actually don't know what to expect. My room is a mess, things half packed, boxes everywhere ... I can barely even see my floor anymore! I'll actually be moving in with my cousins temporarily sometime this week since were renovating our current home before putting it on the market for sale and need a place to stay. Once the house is sold were all good to go! 

P.S I got featured again here by Wikifashion.

x victoria



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