two thousand & ten: a trip down memory lane



 I just wanted to drop by before leaving for a bbq and have a quick photo post in tribute to this spectacular year. Thankyou to everyone who made it one of the best year's that i've had in a long time and also to all you readers who are also apart of it. Looking back at these photos so much has changed, I've matured quite tremendously, stopped wearing extensions and have now bleached the ends of my poor hair, lessened down on partying, moved houses and finally gave in to saying yes to the lover boy - wiping out single life, but besides all that I am still the same. 

So here's to 2010 - thanks for a great year and goodbye.
Have a good NYE everyone and a blast on New Year's day!
See you soon in 2011.

xo, much love

photo diary 01


Just a couple of snaps of today's date/picnic. 
It was a success in having both fun and completing my set work for the day. Who would've thought i'd actually be productive outdoors and manage to enjoy doing it? Anyhow, i'm off to dip my fingers in some fresh OPI nail varnish now (it's been awfully too long since i've had them coated) and finish the night off with reading Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen in bed. 


These tunes get me going and help a bunch for inspiration.
 Love x 1000

let's make this count


So there's basically 4 days until the New Year's Eve - count 5 and it's the New Year. 2011. How funny does that sound? Another fresh new year already. Okay, so big deal? We've had hundreds of new year's before and you're right - usually this wouldn't be a big deal for me but I guess this year was just a good one. Time to finish it with a blast and make the rest of these 4 days. I've been doing nothing but lounging around, doing school work here and there and staying home. The progress of me completing set schoolwork is somewhere close to zilch and nowhere near halfway. I don't even know what I've been wasting my time on. To make these 4 days memorable as well as get my ass moving with school work before I get secured into my 3 week Whitehouse design course (9am-5pm mind you 5 days a week), I've planned to go city with the boyfriend and picnic whilst doing school work. This will probably go on until the year ends. Fingers crossed that I get more work done there than locking myself in my bedroom.

xo, victoria

oh ho is it christmas already?!


Merry Christmas dearest lovelies! I know this post is a day late... but hey I still I hope that everyone had an enjoyable Christmas, filled with happiness and fun, giving out lots of love through the expression of exchanging gifts and just spending quality time together with your much loved ones. I had a great Christmas and so, I hope you all did too.

 Now whilst everyone is out at the boxing day sales today, I hope that you are all out there too, bringing out your claws and fighting for the last cheap sale priced pieces.. unlike myself who's much too broke now to go on a spending spree. So guys, do me a favor - buy lots and make the most of today's sales!

as for my Christmas gifts, here they are :

From the boyfriend - A thermos from Typo, A mug from Typo, Headphones by Industrie, A sheer white blouse from Supre and a black crystal pendant. 

From my Kris Kringle/Secret Santa Courtney - A flip clock from Typo and a snap photo album with a camera printed at the front.

So what did you guys get for Christmas?
I want to hear all about it! 

xo, victoria

bits of here and there


01. Some goodies for the boyfriend on his 17th birthday. This wasn't all of it though. I didn't get enough time to take an image of the final present because I was chucking them all in last minute. I added also a TAG HEUER watch, a pair of denim jeans and more shirts to the stash, plus a 'happy birthday you dickhead' titled card. So much love.

02. Bvlgari Watch: The mummy brought this back from her overseas trip for me. I was absolutely ecstatic! I've always wanted a bulky tough watch and the brand was just a plus. Funny story though when my dad picked it up and thought it was for him. Oh well, he got spoiled with a stack of Polo Raplh Lauren work shirts and a Versace belt. Lucky man he is.

03. Astrology Hand Mannequin Ring Holder: This is for my ring collection. I've been dying to get my hands on this beautiful thing for ages now and now that I have it... I feel complete. That's one less thing  to be crossed off from the wishlist!

04. The newest editions of The Dazed and Confused, RUSSH and Yen magazines. The boyfriend handed me over the RUSSH one not too long ago to complete my collection for this year's issues. It's the first magazine collection I've completed. There's yet more to come!

05. The most delicious wrap I have ever tasted in my life. It was only $7 too! I managed to buy it on the break from a textiles excursion a few weeks back before school ended at some corner cafe in the city. I've been hooked on wraps ever since.

06. Jeffrey Campbell Mariel Wedge : These babies are my first JC's! I was waiting for what seems a ridiculous amount of time for them before the postman handed me my package about 3 days ago. I remember screaming with excitement as I ripped open the box and admired these babies. Best feeling EVER!

07. Started reading Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen for my advanced english class. I have to finish it as well as the second book, Letters to Alice by the first day back. Fingers crossed that I get them read soon.


watered down acrylics and the wonders of photoshop


(acrylic paints & photoshop for image #.1)

This is just a little bit of experimentation for my visual arts processing diary (VAPD). Nothing more or less, besides the fact that I like the colours :) But no, this is no work of art yet - just mucking around. It's a working progress.

xo, much love

finally the shop


(click on the image to start shopping)

my terror is not for my body but for my mind


(vintage blouse, bardot bandage skirt, vintage cross necklace, vintage Chanel bag, gifted bvlgari watch, ebay chain bracelet and jeffrey campbell mariel wedges)

Time is moving just a tad bit too quickly for my liking. It feels as if for one, I'm growing up too fast. I mean... year 12? HSC? I can still remember what kindy was like. Am I almost a grown up already? Expected to choose and know my career which is getting closer than ever now? Secondly, all this school work I have to do in this time frame... woah - where did all my time go? Whitehouse is just around the block and yet ... I haven't even crossed off half the things I was supposed to do before I started the course. And thirdly, the date of Auction for my home is coming up soon. The house I lived in all my life. Gone? Just like that? How did it even get to this? And after that the cycle of packing and unpacking starts again and i'll be out of this temporary space.. which I just got used to, to get used to another new space, a new space I'm calling home. The last I checked I knew my place and who I was. Right now it feels like life is just rushing right before me without me even noticing it.

I wish it'd just slow down.

P.S - Some of you may have realised that I've bought my own domain. 
The old link will still work but will be redirected.

to the many santa's out there...if it's not too much to ask


1. Alexander Wang Diego Bucket Bag in Leopard, 2. Sportsgirl's Johnny the Bull Ring, 3. Sportsgirl's Black Tribal Ring, 4. A Polaroid Camera, 5. Sass and Bide's Hinged Ring, 6. A Crystal Pendant Necklace, 7. The Jeffrey Campbell Clinc's, 8. Sportsgirl's Healers Pendant Ring, 9. A New Graphics Tablet, 10. Erin Wasson's Low x Luv Cross Necklace, 11. The Diana Film Camera & 12. House of Holland Suspender Tights.

Just a few of the things I dream on getting this Christmas.


it's the emptiness you feel in realizing that you aren't who you once were


(vintage denim jacket, bardot bandage skirt, doc martens air waves, ebay cross ring and rubi rings, diy necklace, equip glasses, gifted bvlgari watch and gifted bag)

So i'm back and finally with an outfit post! It's been way too long since I've had one. Anyways, I spent the day quite .. let's just say interestingly. It started off at first waking up expecting to visit the library, seeing as I've got a shitload of school holiday homework to complete before going back to my whitehouse institute of design course in early Jan, but somehow managed to end up vintage and Christmas shopping with my boyfriend. It was a very very long and tiring day. Public transport use to be A-OK but now getting to places feel like such a mission! My legs feel like absolute jelly! I seriously wish I got my L's license earlier because if not, I could be on my P's in a few weeks time. So yeah, note to self - go get your L's ASAP!

There's not really much else to tell. My life has been quite a bore recently. I've been way too dedicated to school, and my wardrobe is really in need of help. I have nothing but winter clothes. So Dear Santa, please, please, please... I'm in need of money this Christmas for ofcourse a new wardrobe.




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