sold misunderstandings


(vintage diy tee, levi cutoffs, doc marten airwaves, market frames and leopard print bucket bag, vintage rosary bead necklace, urban outfitters bullet necklace and gifted + ebay rings)

SOLD. The auction of my home in which I grew up was today and I have to say, it was pretty dirty business. Intended prices weren't met and misunderstandings of the event occurred. Arguments broke out and the blaming of others were thrown everywhere. In the end, there's nothing much we can do. What's done is done and I guess at least the house is sold, but as for moving into the new home? I think it might take another week. The paint job is half done and timber floors are only just being inserted. My Whitehouse design course also ends in 3 more days and uh well, school starts in just a week. Things might not be as great as I'd like them to be right now, and i'm not gonna lie and say they're great, but I got my fingers crossed that when this all blows over it'd be the start of something better. Hopefully. I'm off to a party now and probably coming home to some school work and an all nighter.


package, paint and a whole new revolution

Just the latest birthday gift from two of the best cousins that spoil me with a majority of my branded goods, Crystal and Kristy, as well as a tub of paint ready for painting my newest space in the new home. Yes that's right! We finally got the key to our new home and gosh does the place need a lot of work! I've been spending the past few days painting bedrooms and walls and the insides of cupboards. Never thought it'd be so hard (especially painting the ceiling!). Anyhow, there's much to say but I shall spill when I have more time.
Will catch you guys up soon.

xo, much love



So I guess my 17th birthday party didn't go as according to plan. But hey, I scored yumcha in the morning with the fam bam and the rest of the evening in the city with the boyfriend and cousin's, watching "Tangled" the new Disney movie and stuffing ourselves silly with Korean and Jap food. The day was rather quite smooth sailing right up until about the end. I guess shit just  happens when you least expect it coming and well, you just have to deal with it. I mean I might not understand the reasons for it, or why things unnecessarily need to happen but when they do, you just gotta be straight up and honest because... being honest to yourself and others is the best thing you can do in every situation (well that's what I believe anyhow). Things may be rocky now, but at the end of every peak there is always a downfall and after every downfall there is always an uplift, so I suppose that I just have to wait it out and simply let things be. It's weird though because after only turning seventeen within less than 24hours so much already changed. This might just be the start of changes but I know that through all changes now, who I am, what to do in certain situations and who to trust against who not to. So as changes come and go, no matter what, good or bad there is always a lesson to be learnt about it and I'm grateful for them, just like accidents and regrets.

xo, love victoria

P.S - Thankyou to Thu who sent the beautiful dreamcatcher to me! I love it.

with eyes wide shut we lay stagnant awake


(supre sheer cream blouse, vintage levi cutoffs, rubi backpack, ebay boots, gifted necklaces, vintage watch, market sunglasses and assorted rings from asos, sportsgirl and markets)

There's only 4 days left until I turn 17 and I kind of have a fair amount on my plate right now to be thinking about what I want and whether or not to have a party. I originally planned to have it at a Japanese and Karaoke restaurant right after my Whitehouse course in the city, although, due to the lack of time I have with organising it, it seems that it might just go down the drain. But I don't know. I'm not exactly excited to have a party this year, nor really feeling for any kinds presents either. I guess this year I just want to focus on other things rather than on celebrating my own age, but then again, maybe that's just stressful me who can't be bothered to do anything else involving more hard work and organisation. Anyhow, I had a long day and need some sleep. Its another early morning for me tomorrow and as for my birthday and the party? I couldn't care less if it goes according to plan or not. Let's just see where the flow takes us shall we?

xo, much love

a little shopping


01. Sweetaeacia American Flag Top
02. Oyster Magazine (the newest issue), Supre Studded Shorts x2 and Vintage Levi's 

Just a little bit of shopping that I've done throughout the week. 
 I'll also be updating my shop soon (hopefully by tomorrow night) as i'm currently covered with a mass load of school books and sheets so until I get some productive work done i'll get my ass up to updating it.


between love and hate


ph. by: larissa
(supre sheer white blouse, bardot bandage skirt, Jeffery Campbell Mariel, urbanoutfitters knuckle ring, vintage rosary beads and vintage chanel)

Wow. I think I just fell of the face of this earth for about a week. Hahahaha. No really, I've been so busy with my design course at the Whitehouse Design Institution that I don't even remember what's what anymore. I even woke up after a afternoon nap when I came home one day and thought it was morning, dressing myself for another day of Whitehouse - I am that deranged. I think it's waking up at 6am and coming home at 7pm everyday from the city with a pile of stress, that kind of knocks you out and drains the energy out of you. Anyhow saying that, it just about sums up my absence explanation. I haven't had much time to post but there, there, I guess this weekend I'll have to owe it to you guys. So I'm off to a watch a movie marathon now with my cousin Larissa, digging into rice crackers and Brie Cheese, making the most of the weekend before I'm back for another strenuous week of Whitehouse (i'll promise to take photos too this time). 

So until next time lovers.

the new year, two zero double one


Happy New Year's everyone!
I hope your day was a tad less sweatier than mine but still all the more fun and filled with a good start. I just finished from a long day at Bondi beach with friends and a party with the fam bam here at home. I was just about to head off to sleep before my legs snap and I collapse from exhaustion , but thought I should just post this before I knock out. Hope you enjoyed your New Year's as much as I enjoyed mine!

xo, much love



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