exams exams exams


Hey everyone i'm so sorry for the lack of posting. I have my half yearly exams next Monday and i've also just been so busy with school and my assignemnts. I also don't know if i'll be able to post within these 2 weeks because of my examinations now but i'll be sure to make up for it these holidays! I've also still got goods to put into my shop, so please bare with me on that!


lights inside this dream


Just a glimpse of my new bedroom interior. I was imagining more at first an empty space with just a mattress in the middle, a lamp beside it, a clothing rack and my other shit scattered around randomly. But things came up and somehow it became like this, which isn't all too bad. I think I rearranged the room about 30 times before this result though because of all the weird furniture. It was just so complicated to make everything fit correctly. I'm also still in search for some vintage goodies to shove into some spaces and maybe a wall shelf for some other little necessities. It just doesn't seem to feel very 'me' yet.

 I have the granny flat to renovate and decorate too. I think that's the big one seeing as it's going to be my art room/studio. Any ideas? It's currently empty with concrete floors and brick walls.


my heart goes out to japan


source: bigpicture

I just wanted to dedicate a post to all those who are in Japan right now. It was only today that I had time to reflect in what was actually happening and it made me become overwhelmed with empathy and grief to the reality of it all. May God bless Japan and all those who are suffering and R.I.P those whose lives have been taken away by this tragic nightmare.

My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

hello, hello


( forecast blouse, selfmade skirt, agent ninetynine hat, vintage bag, vintage watch and diana mini lomography camera)

Holy shit it has been long. So long it makes me feel like such a bad blogger. Anyhow, I am so sorry to everyone who has been visiting and waiting for an update or some kind of sign that I was still alive or consistently blogging again. I haven't had the internet in the last 2 months since I've moved in, so hence the explanation to my absence/lack of posting.  Now that I have finally got the internet again though, I'll definitely be updating as regularly as I can with school and etc on top of me. So I hope that everyone does keep reading because I love each and every one of you! All your comments are just the sweetest!

Well this was just a quick drop in to say "I'm still here, so don't forget about me". I have an art essay due on Monday and I scheduled it to be finished by tonight but instead spent most of today recreating the blog layout  (which I hope everyone likes!). So now I'm pretty much screwed. I also have a bunch of stuff to put into my shop. I cleared my wardrobe whilst moving in and I think there's more than considerably half of it that I'm putting up for sale. So please look out for the re opening of 'Shop the Dazed' also. I promise much goods to come!




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