shaded head to toe


sources: knighttcat & thatgirllucy

 Currently getting into wearing actual colours rather than the good old black at the moment. Especially the colours maroon and mustard. Also loving as well layering same shade on shade/colour on colour action into my outfits. Striking and bold head to toe. Just thought i'd share these photos where my inspiration/influences on this matter may have sparked from.

School has returned also so expect a lag in posts and a decrease in outfit posts.
It's time to get my nerd on.


late nights and city lights


Just a few shots from one of the many nights the dearest boyfriend took me out on these holidays. We enjoyed the city lights, ate dinner, snacked on dessert and walked aimlessly to pass time in order to forget about the troubles we had back at home. It is about one of the favourite things I like to do when I'm stressed out or just need a break, and at the moment - I really do. Let's just say I haven't been the healthiest nor the happiest I have been for quite a while but I'm coping and that's all that matters. Also a big Happy Easter everyone and to all those fellow Aussie readers out there, happy long week end to you too! Enjoy the break while you can!


california dreaming


(vintage maroon cardigan, dotti black croped tee, charcoal black shorts, market sunglasses and urban outfitters necklace)

There's really not much for me to say except I can't seem to take this damn cardigan off! It's the warmest thing ever and I think I might just fall asleep in it tonight. Funny thing though is that I was going to purchase an exact one from urban outfitters here for $40 prior to stumbling upon this beauty for free. You got to love second-hand goods/hand me downs right?! The joy of a good bargain and save. Well today has been a long tiring day and I am in serious need of sleep. So goodnight and sleep well lovers but before I go also please check out my SHOP. I finally updated it with goods but there's still much much more to come!

Oh and that's my baby Dolly. Isn't she cute?!


eleven pm - a personal post


sources: tumblr & youtube

Not having such a great day/night. This is just a little personal post that evokes the feelings and emotions I kinda feel at the moment.
 Claustrophobic, lonely and heavy. 


strange over tones


(vintage sweater dress, new oroton sunglasses, vintage oroton envelope clutch, agent ninetynine ring, gifted ring and gifted heels)

It's finally holidays and I am so thankful that all my exams are over! If I had to live another week of yet again non regular sleep - I think I might just die. I've been rather sick lately but that definitely won't bring down my excitement for the next 2 weeks nor affect my hunger to blog! It has been way too long since I've manage to blog consistently and i'd like to think these holidays I would. On another note, I managed to get this sweet vintage sweater off my aunt. She threw out a whole lot of stuff and before she was able to hit the Vinnies dumpster, I rummaged through them finding a couple of goodies including the sweater itself. I also managed to hit DFO (designer factory outlet) last weekend, after what seems like a very long time (when I was in year 7 maybe?) and found/scored a couple of things but didn't have enough money to purchase them all. So on a note to self I must remember to go back asap!

In terms of updating my shop I will be officially placing items in by tomorrow noon. I have a bidding section I want to put up also because I have a YSL Arty Ring that needs a new home. Trust me there's plenty to look out for so keep an eye out tomorrow!


last week in photos


Okay so this is basically a summation of last week:

01. Taking photo's of Epik Entertainment's meeting about the Boombox Tour. It was such a great day meeting everyone especially new photography members Danny and John! The meeting ran a little long but that was okay I suppose. More bonding time.

02. My newest addiction is Green Tea in Mint. The new substitute for my coffee and red bull. The caffeine in tea surprisingly actually keeps me awake long enough ;) So its kind of like a fat free/healthier version of my coffee red bull overload.

03. Driving around here and there in the car. This photo was actually taken on my trip to the city. Oh how I love taking long car trips. It gives you so much time to just relax, chat and think about things. Speaking of which I also need to book my L's test this holidays! I wish I hadn't lagged because  now I could've been on my red P's :(

04. My study table filled with sheets and sheets of notes. Thank god that's all over and done with! I think I literally pulled apart my whole folder of school work to study and type notes. Lesson to self - serious time management needed.

05. More Green Tea and fairy sprinkle biscuits! God I feel like a 5 year old again. But yeah, this was basically what I snacked on most of the week of trying to stay up and revise for exams.

I've been getting into the habit of taking photo's of everything and everywhere I go now, so I might be sharing them in future posts with you lovely readers! 


newly added


01. Nikon film camera: Hoping to produce some cool photos with this baby for my art major! Can't wait to start shooting and see the developed results! I have a thing for Nikon camera's I think. Hmm...

02. Macbook Pro laptop: Gifted to me from my beloved Daddy! I've been laptop-less since December when my old Macbook died on me. Its good to be reunited again with Mac. Oh how I've missed using it!


wounded rhymes

(vintage lace bustier, alice in the eve skirt, subtitled jacket, agent ninetynine hat, gifted crystal pendant, UO knuckle ring, ebay cross ring, equip 3 stone ring and ebay lace up wedges)

Just listening to Julia Stone's 'The Memory Machine' album on repeat with a cup of coffee and my newest friend - the dearest Macbook Pro. I have 3 exams left and still batches of notes to do. It's always good to get your notes done early but somehow I've always been last minute (no matter how hard I try). Thankyou to all the good luck comments also in my previous post! I need all the luck I can get!

 I finally said goodbye to my blonde tips today aswell! Did you guys notice? It was rather a random decision but I think I was getting sick of my hair. I actually wanted to go deep red but we only had dark brown dye. Maybe next time.

Goodnight and enjoy the rest of your weekends !




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