a little visual art


(01. photos taken with 400 ISO b/w film - self developed at school dark room)
(02. used acrylic paints,crayons and pastels on A4 cartridge paper)
(03. collaging using tracing paper and tea bag dyeing on A4 cartridge paper)
(04. sketches in HB lead pencil on A4 cartridge paper) 

Here's just a few little bits and pieces of what I have created in place of my Visual Art's Body of Work major. The concept is basically revolving around what the definition of life and death means to each  individual and exploring their connection with it through the involvement of psychology/experience. It will mainly consist of Mixed Media and I guess falls under that specific category also / graphics art. It's due by the end of this term and I'm really stressing out! Not to mention I have my Textiles Major to complete by the same deadline also... kill me now :(

 Also please don't use my images/works without credit! Thanks!


Inspiration: Katy Perry - Fireworks


Just stumbled upon this video and found it absolutely inspirational. I was touched, inspired and absolutely motivated by everything! The meaning behind the song, the words, and especially the stories told and featured. I thought I should share the inspiration it gave to me you lovers.


and for the moment I would sleep alright,


(vintage white collared shirt, thrifted royal blue maxi skirt, agent ninetynine floppy hat, vintage versace bag, rayban waferer's and jeffery campbell mariel wedges - not shown)

  "I can feel a hot one" by Manchester Orchestra playing on repeat for the past few days. I don't know why but there's just a little something about the song and the lyrics that just gets me into such a saddening yet inspiring mood. Haha, I don't know. Anyhow, I've been up on late nights cramming, working on my 2 majors (art and textiles) and I've also got work to do still, for some upcoming assessments due (not to mention write notes for the trials too...ugh). I also thrifted this beautiful blue maxi skirt at a vintage store in Fairfield today and it is by far the best find I think I have ever made.

Well, it's late and I still have a list of things to do tonight.

Much Love, Victoria

sydney boombox tour

(Epik Ent. photo's above were taken by photographer - John Tieu)

SYDNEY BOOMBOX TOUR 2011: I had the greatest opportunity to work as Epik Entertainment's staff photographer for this event last Sunday. So a big thankyou to Epik Entertainment for the wonderful time and opportunity! Also, if you were one of my lovely Sydney local readers and attended this event, then you may have spotted me with my big dlsr camera snapping around here and there during the tour. I had the most amazing time with the Epik Staff and also meeting Youtube stars; KevJumba, Nigahiga, D-Pryde, Maribelle Anes, Andrew Garcia and Australian twin duo Jayesslee!

I didn't want to spam you lovelies with all my images of the tour so for my photography of the event click HERE


I want to find myself now


(vintage jumper, vintage white collared shirt, cotton on long sleeve, bardot bandage skirt, agent ninetynine hat, vintage oroton bag, ebay shoes and gifted rings)

This year has been tough on me. It's probably one of the worst and most difficult years I have had, but in saying that, it has also taught me so much more. It has taught things like; to mature, to trust in your instincts, to always be honest no matter what the circumstances are, and that family is important. For a long time I always thought that I endured my sufferings alone - yet little did I realise that no matter how difficult or bad things may be, that I did still have the support of family and others around me. So if you ever think that you are alone - you are definitely not. Reach out. You may not see it but there are people who love and care for you and support you despite your problems. To be honest I lost myself for a while. I was someone who wasn't confident in themselves, who couldn't stand up for what she believed in and who was weak and sensitive. I didn't know how to deal with change. But because of all the drama and all the pain and all the predicaments so far into this year, I have now understood a few certain things in life through all of the support I was given. So thankyou to those people. I am a new person - Stronger, bolder and better. I still don't know myself completely and I still don't understand myself sometimes...but I want to find myself now.


details in absence


Just the details from here and there:

01. Some new purchases & finally my learner's license: Agent Ninetynine grey floppy hat, Don't Ask Amanda buckled maroon purse and M.A.C Mineralize blush in Trace Gold. The Longchamp handbag was gifted to me by my cousin who came back from Hawaii and also, I seriously couldn't remember the last time I went shopping and actually bought myself something before this mini spree! So last weekend for the first time in a long time, when I went shopping with my dearest cousins, I had the time of my life just trying on clothes and walking around in retail stores again! I can already feel that my next visit isn't until a long time. :(

02. Watched all the Fast and Furious movies for a fun marathon with the boyfriend in hype of the new Fast Five. Let me tell you if you haven't seen Fast Five yet...you are definitely missing out on some action! It's probably the best out of the whole series! Honestly rated 5/5 and I can't wait for six!

03. More magazines. I kind of stopped buying them for a while but went on a craze with them again this month. I think it's because I was in desperate need of inspiration for my Major project seeing as i'll be constructing my own magazine for my Art Major. Oh and also recently i've been getting into Frankie. Nylon has gone out of my radar...and so has the usual Oyster mag.

04.  New Ecote booties from Urban Outfitters! They're actually a tad bit big for me (more than a tad really) but i'm hoping once I insert insoles they'll be my new favourite pair of winter shoes.

05. After the long 4 months of moving in and having no mirror to look into besides an average one in the bathroom (which isn't even a full length by the way), I finally got myself one that I love! I also changed my room around again for the 100th time. This time though, I think it'd stay like this for quite a while.


diana mini shots roll #1


(film photography, camera used: diana mini, film: 35mm 400 ISO, models: boyfriend - Anthony, sister - Bridget & cousin - Larissa)

So these were the results of the lomography diana mini camera my boyfriend gave me for my birthday in early January. I have to say, not all the shots turned out as pleasingly as I would have liked, but they were...interesting. Some of these were shot out of random, but the ones consisting of my younger sister Bridget (in the lace dress) and my cousin Larissa (in the white oversized blouse), were taken for my art major body of work. I'm also thinking of purchasing another lomography cam. The Diana F+ perhaps? or the Holga?

Anyhow, I've been taking a lot of images for my art major so I'll be soon to share more. I apologise again for the lack of active posting but as they say, education is (unfortuantely) priority first m`dears.




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