brick by brick these walls begin to fall


(agent ninetynine hat + longsleeve, asos varsity jacket, vintage white collared shirt, jayjays black denim jeans, market bought scarf & leopard print bucket bag, forever21 buckled boots, la dama ring, market rings and bvlgari watch)

I am broken. Shattered. Tired and exhausted. Life has completely burnt me out to the fullest. I wish I could say I was happy, but the truth is i'm not. Please, let the darkness fade away. I can no longer breathe an easy breath, but only try and make it out alive day by day. 

It's getting rather tiring. Why do people have to leave?


the awkward first video


Please leave a comment below/send me an mail with your question for me to answer! It can range from random things to personal, to even advice of some sort. Haha, I just think it'd be a really fun thing to do with you lovely readers in order for you guys to get to know me a little better. + Also for those who don't have blogger account or like to stay Anonymous...I have enabled Anonymous and Open ID so please don't be afraid to comment! You can also if you like, ask more than one question. As they say, the more the merrier!

Much Love,

a month load of catch up


01. YSL Parisienne perfume along with MAC Fix+ Spray gifted to me from my cousin who just came back from Hawaii and my new favourite pair of flats only $10 from Cabramatta!
02. Being a loser on the train to watch Sydney Vivid Lights Show.
03. My first ever gifted Lindt Macaroons! Thanks to Anthony Tran. I devoured them all in one day with hot chocolate on the side. They were the best midnight snacks for Sydney's cold horrid weather!
04. Authentic Vintage Versace necklace. *Dies. Need I say more? Best statement necklace ever!
05. My outfit on the night I went to watch the Sydney Vivid Lights show. I'll do a proper post for that night soon where you can see my actual outfit and some of the stuff I captured before my camera died (I was so disappointed. The show was absolutely beautiful!).
06.  Just some beloved items resting on my dresser table. 
07. Half of my 1 year gift from the boyfriend. He says there is still yet more to come...and yes, I don't own any vases because this is the first i've really received flowers before. So hence the New Zealand Ice cream container, haha - but I kind of like it. It feels very me.
08. Some new fabric clips I picked up during the Sydney Vivid Lights show. I thought they were too cute not to buy! I might actually start making a few myself since they're really easy to make and such a cute hair accessory.
09. Fabric flats I bought from Spotlight. I loved the paisley patterns on them and the rich dull colours. I intend to use them to create the bow clips (shown above). I think the fabric pattern will give the clips such a different unique look. Can't wait to make them!

10. I am crazily obsessed with Glasshouse candles! I have so many stocked up but these are the 2 most recent ones I got gifted. I should show you guys my room at night when it's all lit up with candles. It's such a nice aesthetic and atmosphere to give the room when you just feel like turning off all the lights and melting into darkness.

11. My two of new favourite pieces I purchased this week. A navy silk cropped blouse by Somedays Lovin and a pair of knit socks by Calvin Klien. The socks look amazing scrunched and worn with any pair of shoes. That's why I love them and especially because they keep my toes warm in this cold weather! :)


 I've been a very naughty blogger in the past few weeks (or should I say month? haha). I sincerely do apologise for my long absence. I was actually going to do a video blog post to apologise and update you all on what's been happening, since I've been so busy.. but i'm not too good in front of the camera (I say the word "umm" at least every 3 seconds and get really nervous, haha.. I hated public speaking). So instead I want to do a question and ask post in video form seeing as it'd be easier. So if you beautiful readers have any questions you'd like me to answer or explain please email me on or comment below with your question! Hopefully i'll get enough questions to create this video post. I've been wanting to do this for a while! So get asking and get to now me better :)

Love, Victoria



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