Mc Queen's Denim Launch Party


Just a few snaps of tonight's McQueen's Denim Launch Party that I attended to with two of my fashion blogger girlies - Vivienne (fashionfault) and Thu (originalnumber). All thanks to Door121, I had an extremely amazing time, with lots of good food to nibble on, alcohol to get the party rocking, rock 'n' roll live music... and who can forget the unforgettable display of props!? The blackboards, chalk, crates, dim lights and hot, sweaty atmosphere - the party was definitely on fire! For my first experience attending a fashion launch.. this is one I know i'll never forget. 


simplified update via instagram


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I know that I've been a very bad, bad blogger, and that it has been months since my last appearance...but I have decided to reborn my inner blogging desires and to start posting again. In saying that, here is a Instagram photo heavy post that basically fills in the white pages of my life that has been absent in my blogging.

1. I have graduated highschool and have somehow survived the suicidal HSC.
2. I have somehow also been accepted into Uni..
3. I finally turned 18! (Yay for adulthood and being able to purchase alcohol!! Haha..)
4. I recently refurbished my bedroom YET again. (Refer to the hanging invisible clothes rack). A post will come soon along with a video preview.
5. I've been a shoe shop-o-holic as of lately. I recently purchased myself the Jeffrey Campbell Str8up's -
 Gaga style and other shoes/heels.
6. I am now a proud owner of an acoustic guitar and a Canon EOS3000 film camera! Both gifted to me for my 18th in early Jan.
7.  I also received an iPhone 4S for my birthday from my lover boy. It has got to be my biggest highlight of this new year (yet) and my new favourite accessory. :)

So watch this space for more updates to come and I hope you enjoyed this lovely (yet heavy) Instagram collage post!




Hey guys, I decided to just make a quick vlog on a vintage haul me and my little cousin Larissa went to. It's been a long time since I blogged so I thought that this Vlog could be a little apologetic present to all you lovely readers! I know I sound all over the place and not clear on what I'm saying, but please bear with me!! I'm still shy in front of the camera but I can only get better in time with making more Vlogs to share for you all. I also still have that Q&A video to create and answer, and I promise that I will get working on those questions real soon! All in all, I hope you guys like this video I put together for you dear readers and hopefully you all don't laugh too much at my amateurishness!!

 P.S My little cousin is there to help me feel a little less shy on the camera. She's too shy herself to talk so don't mind her too much! :) Also I recently got twitter!  Click here to follow ~

Much Love, Victoria!



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