sugar lips


JayJays blazer, dress c/o Sugarlips, vintage clutch from mother, Asos heels + claw ring, equip necklace, YSL arty oval ring, GUESS watch & Witchery studded bracelet.

Please excuse my lack of boobs/cleavage (clearly non existent) that is definitely needed to pull of this amazing dress that i'm wearing! It was gifted to me courtesy of  Sugarlips - thankyou so much again for the dress by the way, I love it! And for you lovers, check out their online store here to grab this amazing dress for yourself and some other goodies that they have online. 
Also, wow it has been almost a full year since I last did an outfit post! I guess year 12 really kept me off from the blogging sphere hey? But don't fret! I promise this year will be different. Since I've graduated from highschool..and only recently dropped out of uni...(yes, I dropped out of uni) then you guys better get ready for some serious consistent blogging. I mean, there's nothing better I would rather do in my spare time - now that I have it!
I have so much to update you all on... but i'll squish it all into that Q&A video that has been long, long overdue now. So prepare yourself sometime this week, for another awkward Vlog session with Victoria, Hahaha.
Until next time lovers,

currently inspired by..


1. Leather and heavy eyeliner

2. Starwars like visors by Balenciaga (How pretty are the sequins flowing out through the front?!)

3. Killer metal jewellry, dangerous enough to hurt someone.

4. Bold and fun colours/prints with intricate detailing.

5. Colour blocking with soft pastel palettes.

6. Bold, bright prints clashed together & bright coloured nails!

7. Tailored matching suits + cat eye frames

So these are currently my constant inspiration go-to images. I love everything about each and every one of these photos - the clash by combining colour/prints together, the bold and fun prints that are consistently evident this fashion season (even though it's Autumn), the intricate specific details of a garment that make it special... hardcore killer jewellry... I could go on forever! But most importantly these were all streetstyle shot by Tommy Ton for - in between off runway launches, fashion weeks and weekends and also catwalk launches that have taken place so far. 

The one thing that I love being inspired most, about these photos, are that they definitely hype me up for Sydney's Fashion Weekend coming up this May 10-13th! Are you excited as I am?!!


new additions


Ebay frames, Kmart chiffon button up's, standard year planner (daily), 'I heart NYC' notepad & iPad2

Just a few bits and bob's I spoiled myself with recently. I have to say, investing in an iPad and being able to purchase my very own first apple product (on my own without the help of my parents)  - was definitely a new experience for me. I feel so very grown up now, hahaha. As for my love for notebooks, planners, sunglasses and collared blouses? Well these additions aren't very surprising. What can I say...? These are just only a few of my many weaknesses! 




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