fluorescent hearts


Supre fuchsia chiffon blouse, Valleygirl leather skirt, Ebay platform boots, vintage Versace patent clutch (mum's), necklaces/bracelets/rings assorted from the markets & ASOS.

There's just something about pink recently, that has me drawn to the very feminine, girly colour. I actually never ever, pick pieces that are pink (in fear that I might come off as a girly girl) but somehow these past few weeks I keep finding myself being drawn pieces all of which are coloured in pink!! I guess I gave in and eventually purchased this lovely fuchsia chiffon blouse from work the other day. To tone down the level of femininity associated with the colour in this outfit, I teamed a leather piece with it and lots and lots of metal to make it a little more edgy and masculine. I just felt it was more "me". I think it is still a little girly for my liking but I did feel a little 'girly' today, hahaha.

Until next time lovers,

all new black


Supre black chiffon blouse, Paperheart sheer maxi skirt, H&M necklace & market purchased leopard print bucket bag.

So I think you all can tell...I went for the almighty scary chop at the hairdresser's! I still haven't gotten use to it yet (because I've been growing out my long hair for so long) but I'm sure I'll adjust to it soon. I can remember when I would avoid anything to do with cutting my hair, or even trimming it - It was always such a scary experience for me (just because most haircuts usually go wrong and maybe also because I really liked long hair). Prior to this haircut the last time I actually did cut my hair was probably 2 years ago. I think the spontaneous idea  of getting a new cut after such a long time had something to do with wanting to refresh myself...like shedding an old skin and getting a new one - become someone different, kind of like a new start. It was as if beneath the long hair I had I was some what hiding away all my insecurities. Cutting away my long heavy locks was like giving myself no chance to hide away behind my hair anymore and be able to embrace myself. I think that although I do miss my long hair, this change is good

So what do you guys think? A yay or a nay for the chop?


winter beauty inspiration


 Backstage at Paul Smith Fall 2012 
Inspired by the dark coal like eyes, heavy shadows, nude lips and flawless skin base. This look would make the perfect makeup trend for this upcoming winter here in Sydney - especially on dark, cold rainy days teamed with the usual all black wardrobe colour palette for most winter seasons.

 Backstage at Vivienne Westwood Fall 2012 
Since it's winter and I'm as pale as a ghost, this makeup of bronzed up cheeks and eyes would be the perfect look for winter mornings and evenings. It gives that extra flush of colour to a pale cold, washed out face - which I think I'll definitely need to keep me from looking like a sick patient or some ghost from a horror film! 

 Backstage at House of Holland Spring 2012            
House of Holland always has fun and eccentric colours - apparel and makeup wise! I'm really inspired by their use of pastel eye shadows contrasted to heavy use of eyeliner on the lower lash-line and slightly (barely noticeable) peachy cheeks. Perfect look for this winter when feeling for an extra pop of colour to add to a dull outfit, or just to add some colour into your gloomy day.


photo source: www.wwwd.com

winter & khaki

Big W khaki parka, JAG white button up & Vans beanie
for full outfit shot click here (camera ran out of batteries)

Finally Winter has arrived and boy am I glad that it's here! Apart from being able to snuggle in bed with a cup of tea/coffee - reading a novel, or being to wear my favourite kind of hats (beanies), finally being able to wear stockings and packing on layers and layers of clothing... I have to say that 'rain' is by far my most favourite part of it all. There's just something about it that just makes me feel so at peace with myself, I just don't know. Anyhow, I wore this simple outfit the other day up to the city to have dinner, and am I glad that I did because it was windy as heck! I have this newly purchased parka of mine to thank (that I snagged in the men's section of Big W -$28 SCORE!) from keeping me sick. I think it's become my new fav piece for this winter - easy to  throw on and trendy as a hobo on a street!


heavy metals & polaroids


Metals: Lovisa ear cuff, Sportsgirl 3 ring ear cuff, Sportsgirl collar tips/points & metal choker
Fujifilm instax 210 Polaroid (via Ebay)

So, I woke up this morning to yet another exciting package waiting to be ripped open on my doorstep. I have to say my hands were literally shaking when I picked up this big, Polaroid baby from its cardboard box - my very first own Polaroid, how exciting!! Being a huge camera fanatic that I am, I bet you are all surprised that I don't already own one...but yes it's true, this really is my first. It's every photographer's "must have" and I can gladly, happily say I proudly own one!

As for my recent collection of metal accessories? Well, I think each piece speaks for themselves. Ear cuffs, collar tips and that perfect gold choker? As if you can't give in to at least one of these goodies?! I've been alternating between each of these pieces for the past week. Prepare to see more of these heavy metals in upcoming posts!


blue velvet


Forever21 grey beanie, Supre collared blouse, Supre navy velvet blazer, Bardot bandage skirt, Sportsgirl bracelets, ASOS laced wedges and gifted blue satchel.

This is just a quick drop in to say, hello and Happy Easter to each and every one of you lovely readers! I hope you all haven't overdosed on too many chocolates (like I have), but have instead been spending it in Easter spirit with your most loved ones. And on a quick note, just before I head out to spend the night with some friends, how awesome is this navy blue velvet blazer I'm wearing?!! I remember grabbing it at work on my first shift whilst I was tidying the clearance sale racks. Once I laid eyes on it... I realised it simply HAD to be mine. To top it all off - it was a score of ONLY $2.50. Hell to the yeah! Don't you just love scoring such great bargains? Happy Easter Sunday everyone <3




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