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I've been flicking through my old archives and I feel like I've become a lot more distant in my writing compared to my past posts between 2010 to beginning of 2011. It's like I've completely shut off my personal side to you all and mostly now, I'm writing stuff that is totally irrelevant to my life and more "material" based. So here's my attempt to reconnect again, and make this blog a bit more me/personal. I actually love doing these kind of insight posts because I feel like I'm showing more of myself to you lovely readers rather than just me and my boring outfit posts. Enjoy!

001. I placed a new little circle couch stool thing in my room the other day and I rather like it! I feel like it gives my room a bit more colour and adds to the whole fashion retail look. Kind of those couch table things you see in retail stores and they lay out books for you to read or for you to sit on to try on shoes? Anyhow, I display my reads/magazines on it - and in this case it's the two newest issues of 2 of my favourite mags - Yen & RUSSH. I'm just missing a Oyster issue now.  

002. Just a few poloroids, magazine inspiration rip outs, and photo booth strips from here and there stuck onto a small space on my wall. Speaking of polaroids I need to stock up on some new film!! Time to Ebay I think!

003. A glimpse of my mirror frame and in it's reflection a small part of my hanging display rack. The main focus however is this random epiphany DIY I created with a wire hanger to hang my necklaces on. As you can tell I'm a big junkie collector of accessories. This isn't even half of my necklaces. I'm working on a new way to display my jewellery with the help of my best friend. Hopefully I can get that done soon and show you guys too :)

004. Newest purchases: Some thifting finds and a new pair of Jeffrey Campbell's to add to my shoe collection. The multi coloured wool item is a cardigan and the black shirt on top is a high neck round singlet. Also to note - how amazing is the teal colour on those suede Foxy's?! 

That's it for now. Until next time lovers, take care and much love.
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give away for two

A lot of people really liked this jumper and asked if we had any left at work. Seeing as it was only one off every time we stocked up and very rarely we had them... I found these last 2 and decided to do a give away with them! They were featured in my previous outfit post and now here's your chance to win!

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Goodluck to everyone and hopefully you'll be one of the two winners picked!
The giveaway will end on the 14/7/2012. 

road to nowhere


Supre jumper, Minkpink 'Road to Nowhere' pu shorts (via MarketHQ) , Sportsgirl gold metal chocker, Ebay purchased oversized circle frames, ASOS buckled wedges and vintage Chanel bag.

I went rummaging through my drawers the other day and stumbled upon this old vintage Chanel bag I had sitting in there. It was right at the very bottom of the drawer under everything and very much forgotten. As soon as I took it out of the dust bag, smoothed my fingers over it's black leather surface - I fell deeply in love again, with it and it's old yet classic design. It's absolutely insane how easily you can forget about something when you put it away and out of your sight for too long. But it's also insane how quickly you can fall in love with it again after the time you were torn apart.

VLOG: Latest Purchases + Q&A


Question & Answers

1. Where/What/Who do you want to be in 5 years time and how will you make it happen?
In 5 years time, I hope that I have accomplished my dream of having my own label/online store. If not that then preferably working in a successful position at a fashion or design firm, doing what I love. I think to accomplish my dream of having my own label/online store is to just work the next few years in order to save and invest into my own label financially. It takes a lot of money to start your own business so to get there I'll just have to work really hard and save to kick start the label/store! Interning is also probably necessary for me to get further into the fashion industry and expand on my skills and experience.

2. Tips for picking clothes to get rid of?
- Ask yourself how long ago you wore the item. If it's been a long time or you haven't worn it and purchased it long ago - it's a sign that you should probably get rid of it. You're wasting closet space.
- Ask yourself if this item can be paired or worn in a way that you will wear it, or in a way that is in "trend". If you can't then you probably won't wear it and you should get rid of it also.

The most important thing when ripping apart your wardrobe and deciding what to throw out; is to firstly put aside all the stuff you want to keep and love so you're left with what you're unsure about keeping. From there ask yourself the questions above and eliminate your choices from there.

3. Do you think you will still be a blogger in 5 years time?
I sure hope so! I guess it all depends on how much spare time I have on my hands also, seeing as I'm currently having trouble sustaining my blog with such little time to be able to put into it.

4. What uni do you want to go to next year?
Well, the HSC is over but I'll still answer this question. I actually didn't want to go to uni, just because I hated highschool and i'm not a theory type of learner. I knew that uni wouldn't be for me but I did try to get into uni anyhow, for the sake of my parents and myself - if you don't try you'll never know. I wanted to originally go to UTS and study Visual Communications. I instead went UWS (Penrith) and didn't like uni life so I dropped out after a few days.

5. How did you start blogging?
I guess I started like everyone else. I saw my older cousin have one and was intrigued in the idea of having one to document my daily escapades and adventures. This was in year 5/6 on 'Blogdrive' however as I started hghschool I moved to Tumblr where I started to become more Fashion base and then from there... here we are!

Sorry the video is a bit late lovers! But better late than never right?! Haha, this was really fun though! Sorry if the video is a bit long also, and that I sound a little all over the place and confused sometimes...but I'm still very camera shy & awkward. Let me know if you guys like this and want more video/vlogs from me. :)




001. My newly rearranged display rack for this season of winter! Mostly filled with collared blouses and chunky oversized knits. I'm absolutely loving bright coloured knits at the moment <3 Also, thankgod winter has finally arrived - how I've missed the rain and the cold!

002. New oversized babies that arrived this morning!! Oh and yes, it was necessary to get both colours!!

003. Rearranged my bedroom around again a few nights ago with the boyfriend... and this concluded as my new desk/work space. I love it since it's right next to the window now and it feels a lot more like a working area. I'm just missing a iMac on that desk now.. haha. I'm currently working on a large canvas painting to put just above my bed! Will show you guys as soon as I finish!! :)

004. And of course, some denim that I always end up giving into buying (you can have never have too much denim!) and my new favourite shirt featured in my previous outfit post!

For those waiting on the video/vlog  - especially those on my tumblr ask who have been asking again and again... I'm so sorry I didn't get it up on the blog tonight! I have filmed it but it just needs some editing before I upload it and share it with you all. It will DEFINITELY be up tomorrow night the latest!

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eye of the tigers


ASOS tiger print singlet, Supre skirt, Agent Ninetynine hat, Minkpink Eye of the Tiger cape (via MarketHq),
ASOS laced wedges and DIY necklace.

Double tiger print?! YES PLEASEEEEE!! Tigers and lions have always been my favourite type of cats, and boy am I glad that my heart is finally opening up to prints!! Because now I own these 2 tiger print bad boys in my wardrobe! Anyhow, I've been working almost 5 days a week (every weekend by the way) so I've been exhausted to the point of simply crashing into my bed when I'm not actually working. So I hope you can all understand my (not so surprising) MIA. I have lots of goodies I recently purchased to show you all, but I have to head off now to work so hopefully tonight I'll be able to do that long over due Q&A video and add in my recent purchases haul!




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