Meet Benji + update


Hey lovers! This is my first post for 2013 and also since i've been MIA mid 2012. I just want to officially introduce you all to my little baby Benji. I bought him myself when he was a tiny little thing, so tiny he could fit into my palm!! When I got him he was only 6 weeks old and he is currently now 8 months old. I bring him everywhere with me and he is never out of my sight (he even sleeps with me and stays in my handbag when I go shopping!). For those who are wondering what breed he is, he is a red toy poodle. I'm planning on saving up again and buying another red female toy poodle sometime this year. I want to give him a companion to play with when I'm not home and to also of course, to have little tiny teddy versions of him when they breed.

Just a quick update on some changes since the last time I posted mid 2012:

01. First of all I am no longer blogging under "The Dazed" and am now "Wolf & Child Blog". The reason behind this change is because I am hoping to open up an online boutique/label and the name of it will labelled "Wolf & Child". In correlation to the label I thought changing the blog name and being known under the one name (Wolf&Child) would be a good idea. In celebration of the name change, I've also changed the blog layout so it's easier to navigate and is much more clean in terms of the layout.

02. I've dyed my hair many times in the last month; going from burgundy red - to blonde, to having purple balayage hair and it fading out to normal balayage, to now going back to black.

03. I'll also be attending uni at ACU this year at the Strathfield Campus. The course I'll be studying is Bachelor of Visual Arts and Design. I'm not sure yet where that will take me career wise but I know that I'll enjoy the course and will be able to benefit from it in the future.

I also I just turned 19 a week ago, am currently unemployed and seeking to find work to help pay for my summer wardrobe wishlist!


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