Eccentric Blue


Vintage white collared shirt / Thrifted eccentric blue shirt / Ebay leather shorts / Creepers (gifted) / Prada sunglasses 

ec·cen·tric ( k-s n tr k, k-). adj. 
1. Departing from a recognized, conventional, or established norm or pattern. 

Eccentric. A deadly spot on word to describe this amazing thrifted shirt I picked up at Vinnies the other day. I was inspired to piece this outfit together by lusting over this skirt (here) by Bardot. The shirt instantly reminded me of the amazing shade of blue, intricate eccentric print and detailing of the skirt. I just had to have it - for only $2, why the hell not?! Anyways, I wore this outfit this morning to have brunch with the lover boy before work. Yes, work. I got a call and I am now employed again at Bondi Junction Supre! In fact, I'm editing and publishing this post right now on the train ride to my very first shift! I finish at 9pm tonight so I thought I'd use my train ride time wisely and upload this now. Happy shopping night everyone!

Leather Shorts


New leather shorts via Ebay

I've searched everywhere for a pair of decent priced faux leather elasticated shorts, ever since my Mink Pink ones decided to fall apart at the seams on me after 4/5 wears. I was so devastated since I paid a good $40 for them to just fall apart on me so vastly... they were definitely not worth the price at all for the crap quality. Since then, I've been on the hunt for a much cheaper pair and finally found these babies online! I mean a pair of leather shorts is an absolute essential for every girls' wardrobe! I just couldn't go on living without having to replace the pair that I loved so much to begin with. When I have more money (cause I'm still unemployed and broke) i'll hunt down a designer pair and make them mine - not just for the brand but for the quality and in my heart knowing that they will last me a lifetime. Can't wait to style these bad boys!

Flower Child


Mika & Gala printed shift dress / Shu Bar wedge sandals / Oroton vintage clutch (was mother's) / DIY handmade flower wreath

Decided to whip up this outfit today inspired by this amazing flower wreath one my best friend's mum handmade. I actually wouldn't wear this out normally (being too girly for my liking) but I thought it would be the most perfect outfit for perhaps a picnic or day out/stroll in the park. The wreath on the other hand is a great statement piece and quite the masterpiece all on it's own. For all of you festival lovers out there, here's looking at you. If any of you lovers actually have fallen in love with the wreath I'll be selling them apart as my shop boutique/label in future. In the mean time, for you locals I'll be setting up a stand at Newtown markets sometime soon. So when it officially happens I'll tweet, instagram, facebook and let you all know!

Grey Leather


Vintage white collared shirt / Sportsgirl collared tips / Thrifted leather skirt / Forever 21 beanie / Clutch by GLOSS / Lipstik heels

It was quite gloomy weather here in Sydney today, but that's okay because that's just the way I like my weather. It's been like this for a few days now... it kind of feels like winter is here again (which is a hoorayyyy!! on my behalf since winter is my favourite season). I love the feel of staying in a warm bed when you wake up in the morning and the sound of raining falling, and who doesn't love tea in bed when the weather is not so sunny? Anyways, I embraced the cold weather by choosing my favourite grey knit (in accompany to the grey weather) paired with a thrifted leather skirt. Throwing the rest of the outfit together by adding silver tones, grey, white and black. To complete the look, lastly a black and white grayscale outfit just isn't complete without a pop of bright red on the lips. I also created a formspring today. I hope that this will make answering questions a whole lot more easier for me and you lovely readers.


February Bucket List

This month's bucket list
1. Skull Money Bank in Silver via General Pants
2. TW Steel CEO Canteen watch in Black & Rosegold
3. Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Wingman wristlet OR Alexander Wang Fumo Large wristlet
4. Karen Walker Number One sunglasses in Tortoise
5. Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane's in Black
6. Textured Black Leather shorts via Topshop

Room Decor

Just a few new little knick knacks here and there inside my room.

You might have noticed that I changed my invisible clothing rack into an invisible jewellery rack. I needed the dresser to display some possessions and so I came up with the idea to put jewellery on the rack instead! I loved displaying my clothes on it, don't get me wrong... but having it there meant that I couldn't use the dresser top as a display. It's actually kind of a win-win situation since I didn't have a proper storage system for my jewellery before, (besides my rings) and this way I can display them nicely as well as have easy access to them AND use the dresser top for display. Also last night I managed to hang up that canvas beside my bed. It was a gift from my bestfriend, Nyna, from christmas and only now did I have the time to put it up (since I'm unemployed and doing nothing at all). I also recently got some new furniture from Ikea and would love to show you all but my room isn't quite 100% complete yet. Just a few more things to add and then I'll be able to do a video tour for you all! 



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